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King Kyle's Colossal Bing Cherries- Washington State

Years ago Skip Brennan teamed up with King Kyle, the single largest cherry grower in the world, and they became best friends. King Kyle’s family has been in the cherry growing business for almost 100 years. He carries on the tradition in both hemispheres, in places like Chile, California, and Washington State and lives and breathes cherries 365 days a year. If you been our stores this June, you’ve tried some of our King Kyle’s sweet and delicious cherries. Kyle’s California cherries have wrapped up and now it’s time for his ultimate Washington State Colossal Bings.

In July, Kyle’s cherries are from the Columbia River basin at an elevation of 700 feet. In late August, they will be picked from an elevation of 3,400 feet giving us the latest cherries around.

Brennan’s buys the biggest cherries available. Cherries are classified by row-size, the smaller the number the bigger the cherry. According to research results from Washington State University, larger sized cherries are heavier and container higher Brix (pronounced “bricks”), or sugar levels, than their smaller counterparts. Also, no matter what size the cherry, the pit is always the same size, so bigger cherry = more fruit.

And King Kyle’s Washington Bing Cherries are a healthy treat too! A cup of sweet cherries has only 90 calories and is a good source of fiber and vitamin C. Researchers have identified a group of naturally occurring chemicals abundant in cherries that could help lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Juicy King Kyle Cherries are sure to be enjoyed by everyone in your family and will keep them healthy! While Bing cherries are great for eating-out-of-hand, they can also be used in desserts and even savory dishes. You just need one of those handy cherry pitters (OXO makes,among others). 

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