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Brennans Market

Brennan's Market

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Fresh Fruit

Gold Reserve Limited Edition Strawberries

Brought in fresh from California to Brennan’s, these limited edition strawberries are the best in town. Gold Reserve Strawberries are picked specially for their juicy red meat and sweet taste. With every delicious bite you’ll receive a burst of nutrients including powerful antioxidants! Strawberries are number two on the top ten list of antioxidant rich Super Fruits. 

These Limited Edition Strawberries will add bright red color and sweet taste to almost anything! Try them in spinach salads, mix them into a fruit salad or create a yogurt parfait with strawberries and Brennan’s Granola. Of course they make great pie fillings, or the perfect ice cream topping as well. 

Strawberries also have an abundance of healthy-heart benefits and contain remarkable amounts of Vitamin C. Come to Brennan’s and enjoy these sweet, juicy nutritious berries. 

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