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Brennans Market

Brennan's Market

Wisconsin's Premier Market for Outstanding Flavor!

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Last Chance to Earn and Redeem Rewards at Brennan’s Market!

After 75 years of serving Wisconsin, Brennan's Market will be closing for good at the end of September. We want to make sure our loyal guests have the opportunity to continue to earn and redeem their rewards prior to our closing.

Customers will continue to earn progress towards their rewards* through Tuesday, August 15th. *This includes birthday rewards, Thanxsgiving and all other rewards. 

Customers can redeem any outstanding Thanx rewards through Friday, September 15th

We're so excited about our new rewards program!

Here's how it works:

1. Download the free Thanx app or sign-up at
2. Get $10 off your next purchase just for signing up.
3. Get $25 off for every $300 spent.

Yes, it's that easy! Sign-up today to start earning rewards. 

Frequently asked questions:

Why did you select this type of reward program, rather than a punch card or plastic swipe card?

Two Reasons. 

1. We evaluated a number of loyalty solutions on the market, but everything we looked at forced consumers to participate in extra steps. We didn’t want to complicate the experience. Rewards should be easy and fun. 

2. A register or internally managed program would have required a very costly update to our point-sale-systems. Thanx allowed us to invest in our customers rather than expensive hardware and software.

Why do I have to enter/share my credit card # ? 

We understand your concern. We care deeply about credit card security.

The Thanx app doesn't store or see your credit card information. So you aren't sharing it with Thanx or even Brennan's. You are sharing it with credit card companies because the app is integrated directly with them.  When you register your card with the app, your card # is encrypted with bank level security and sent directly from your phone to Visa, MC, etc. They mark your card as enrolled and send Thanx a notification when you use it to make a purchase at Brennan's. Thanx doesn't know or even see your credit card. Thanx will not and cannot charge your card, nor can your card be stolen from Thanx- they don't have it.

Note: Thanx uses the same technology as Apple Pay and has been using it for 2 more years than Apple.

I don't have a smartphone, how can I manage my account?
You can manage your account via a desktop computer by logging in here.

Important information: 

1. You must sign-up for the reward program and activate the reward to receive it on your next purchase. Rewards can't be issued retroactively. So if you make a purchase and go home and sign-up, we can't grant you a reward for that purchase already made. You will receive the reward after your next purchase. 

2. Rewards cannot be put back on Debit Cards when a pin is entered. Rewards can be put on a Debit card when it is run as a credit card.