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Brennans Market

Brennan's Market

Wisconsin's Premier Market for Outstanding Flavor!

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We're Getting a New Neighbor!

The Cider Farm from Mineral Point is adding production and a tasting room in part of our front room.

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What does this mean for us. Our space in the front room will be smaller, and there will be a construction project going on for a month and half.  During construction our main entrance will be on the Adler's side. 

Other than that, we will continue to bring you the same great products we always have.  


Our Recipes

Honeycrisp Applesauce

So classic and so yummy. A great fall side dish that everyone in the family will enjoy. Try substituting SweeTangos is this recipe.


Featured Product

SweeTango Apples

What do you get when you cross a HONEYCRISP and a ZESTAR apple?

You get a sweet, juicy and crunchy SweeTango Apple! Developed by the same apple breeders at the University of Minnesota who released the popular Honeycrisp, SweeTangos are the new, hot apple variety.

SweeTangos feature the satisfying “crunch” of a Honeycrisp along with flavors of fall spice and a complex balance of sweetness and acidity for a burst of freshness in every bite. SweeTango Apples are perfect for snacking and lunches. Use in recipes just like  Honeycrisps, and try in homemade applesauce, apple pies, apple crisp and even sangria.

They will be at Brennan’s for only a short time. Stop in and try them before they are gone!


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