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Brennans Market

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Ribeye Sale!

$12.99 lb

Bone-In or Boneless Ribeye 

Perfect for Indoor Grilling Season!

1 bone-in or boneless ribeye
Olive oil
Garlic Salt
Freshly ground black pepper
Dried Oregano

Pat of Butter

Bring Ribeye to room temp, rub with olive oil and season with salt pepper and spices. 

Preheat the oven to 425F. 

Heat an oven-safe pan on the stovetop over high heat. Sear meat in pan with 1 tablespoon of olive oil, about 1 minute per side.

Remove from stove and roast in oven 8-12 minutes. 8 minutes will result in medium-rare. 12 minutes will be well-done. 

Remove from oven and top with a pat of butter. Rest at room temperature for 10 minutes


Our Recipes

Scalloped Potatoes

Some recipes don't use cheese and rely on heavy creamy for richness. Gasp! This one has plenty of Wisconsin Cheddar for tons of great flavor! Ps. A Mandoline totally helps with this recipe.


Featured Product

Gold Nugget Mandarins

Named because of  its beautiful, bright and slightly bumpy rind,  the Gold Nugget was more than half a century in the making. It started with the very first cross in 1953 when UC Riverside, scientists and growers began seeking a mandarin that included the best properties of a seedless, easy-to-peel Satsuma in a larger size. And they wanted this to be a late-season mandarin so it didn’t compete in the market with the already popular Satsuma or Clementine. The result was the Gold Nugget.

In fact, some people consider them one of the best flavored citrus in the world. The Gold Nugget variety of mandarins is deliciously sweet with a bright orange, seedless interior. They are easy-to-peel and separate into segments. With their incredibly juicy taste, they brighten up salads and desserts, while also being a great lunchbox snack.

Happy Gold Nugget Season! Another great citrus experience brought to you by Brennan’s!


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